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A young mother’s two children go missing…
and she becomes the primary suspect.

Where are they now?

Alice Crimmins was paroled in November 1977. According to an article in the Queens Chronicle from May 2012, she had married her long-time millionaire boyfriend, Anthony Grace, and moved away to Boca Raton, Fla. to live in anonymity. However, since his death (of natural causes) there have been sightings of her back in Queens and on Long Island.

Anthony Lombardino, part of the prosecuting team on the 1967 trial, is still practicing law in Queens.

Source: Queens Chronicles

What the episode didn't tell you

During the initial search of Alice's apartment, Detective Martin came upon a small suitcase under Alice's bed. The case was filled with greeting cards and invitations all made out "To Rusty" including one from The Mayor of New York, Robert Wagner and then Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Eddie Crimmins told police that at 4AM on the night the kids disappeared he was home watching a particular movie on CBS. When police checked the local affiliate, they found the movie had been on, but much earlier than when Eddie said he was watching it.

Alice had enough good prison time to earn her weekend furloughs. It was on one of these weekends that she got married to Tony Grace.

The Crimmins case has been the inspiration for multiple books and plays:

  • The Investigation by Dorothy Uhnak
  • Where Are the Children? by Mary Higgins Clark
  • Landscape of the Body (play) by John Guare
  • Two Small Bodies (play) Neal Bell
  • A Question of Guilt (tv movie)

Backdrop of an era

The 1964/1965 World's Fair was taking place right next door in Flushing, Queens. Brand-new technologies - computers, teletypes and modems - made their debut and were seen by more than 51 million people. Washington.

From The Headlines

"Red haired Alice Crimmins was found guilty today..."

"Oh, my God, how can they do this?"

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